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WIN2008 – Rename Computer

Windows Server - Rename Computer
By default a fresh installation of an OS has a generated computer name, in 99% of the cases you want to rename the device.

Rename a computer by using the GUI
Enter the start menu, right click on Computer and select Properties. Next select Change settings and in the following screen select the option Change. Now you're able to edit the computer name. When you're satisfied with the new name press OK until you're back on the desktop. Do note that you'll need to restart Windows Server before the changes take effect.

Renaming by using the command line interface
Renaming a device can also be done by using the CLI with netdom. Netdom does need the current name of the server, the name can be found by using the %computername% environment variable.

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netdom renamecomputer theoldname /newname thenewname

Next, reboot the machine to let the changes take effect.

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shutdown -r -t 0

TIP: You can add additional info in the computer name. For example DDV-WIN2K8-AD means the server is from the company DarkDevelopments (DD), virtualised (V), runs Windows 2008 (2K8) and is used as Primary Domain Controller for Active Directory (AD).

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