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VMware – vCenter Converter

VMware - vCenter Converter
Taking physical machines and making them virtual can be a long and complex process.  With vCenter Converter it is possible to automate and simplify physical to virtual (P2V) as well as converting virtual machine formats for example VMDX-files from exported VM's in VMWare Workstation. It is possible to convert Microsoft Windows and Linux-based physical machines and third-party formats to VMWare virtual machines.

When running vCenter Converter the first option you will need to chose is a source type. There are five available options in the current version:

  • Powered-on machine - Convert any powered-on physical or virtual machine (local or remote).
  • VMware Infrastructure virtual machine - Convert a virtual machine from VMware VirtualCenter or VMware ESX Server.
  • VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine - Convert a virtual machine from VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware Fusion or other VMware product.
  • Backup image or third-party virtual machine - Convert a backup image or a third-party virtual machine. For example Microsoft Virtual PC, Parallels,  VMware Consolidated Backup, Symantec LiveState Recovery Image, StorageCraft ShadowStor Image, Acronix True Image Backup.
  • Hyper-V Server - Convert a virtual machine from Microsoft Hyper-V Server.

After selecting the desired option and selecting/adding the necessary information you will be able to configure the VM's settings. For example CPU, memory, hard disk,... Based on previous selection you will be able to create (a) virtual machine(s) to a vSphere host, VMware Workstation, VMware GSX Server, VMware Player, VMware Server or VMware Fusion.

You can get a free copy of vCenter Converter here at www.vmware.com/products/converter/

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