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VMware – ESX(i) Jumbo Frames on Storage Adapters

VMware - ESX(i) Jumbo Frames on Storage Adapters
Jumbo frames are units that contain 9,000 bytes of data instead of the usual 1500, or an MTU of 9000 instead of 1500.  When using the ESX software iSCSI initiator, a network adapter becomes the transport device for your iSCSI traffic.  When creating a virtual switch using the vSphere client, you cannot change the default MTU value of 1500, nor can you even view the values

If the software Storage Adapters are already created the MTU can still be modified using the CLI of your host.
First check the current vSwitches so that you can confirm the changes and settings.

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esxcfg-vswitch -l

Run vmknic to change the MTU of all the vSwitches.

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esxcfg-vmknic -m 9000 "VMkernel iSCSI 2"
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