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Aerohive – Find Serial Number Through SSH

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When using the AeroHive Online Manager you'll need to (re-)add the Aerohive Serial Number in the Redirector when (re)installing the AP. But what do you do when the AP is already mounted on the wall and you can't find the serial somewhere else ? It's possible to find out the serial number using SSH and the following command.

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AP1#show hw-info

MAC – Reset Admin Password

Posted by Dark#Basics

MAC - Reset Admin Password
Creating a new Admin on MAC OS is quitte simple once you know it. Here's how to create a new Admin user without the CD. You'll need to enter the terminal and delete the SetupDone-file. When errasing this file you'll be greeted with the setup screen you had when first installing the system.

1. Reboot
2. Hold Apple Key + S after you hear the chime.
3. In the terminal enter following commands.

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mount -uw /
rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
shutdown -h now

4. After the reboot you'll be able to create a new Admin user.  When logged in with the new account you'll be able to reset the old password.

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