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BlackBerry Express – Migration to a new server

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BlackBerry Express - Migration to a new server

It's quitte easy to migrate a running BES installation. This is my check-list when preforming a BES migration.

Step1: Move Blackberry Operations

1. Download and install all BES pre-requirements on the new server.
2. Make sure that the besadmin has all permission it needs on the different mailboxes, throtteling, etc.
3. Install BES on the new server but redirect the configuration to the old BES during installation.
4. Move the Blackberry users to the new server using the webinterface.

Step2: Move configuration Database

1. Install SQL Express on the new server or create a new instance and make sure BESADMIN is able to logon to the new SQL instance. Enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes on the instance.
2. Disable all BES related services on the old server. Backup the old configuration database using the SQL Management Tools.
3. Disable all BES related services on the new server. Update the new BES Configuration Database. This is done by running createdb.exe BESMGmt.cfg. The files are located in the Database folder of the installation media. Make sure that the appropriate settings are made in the BESMgmt.cfg file.
4. Restore the BES Configuration database on the new server, make sure that Overwrite existing database is checked.
5. Change the configuration database setting on the new server. This is done by running the setup again and updating the Database Information Screen with the new instance name.
6. Start all services again on the new server.




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