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Aerohive – Find Serial Number Through SSH

Posted by Dark#Basics

When using the AeroHive Online Manager you'll need to (re-)add the Aerohive Serial Number in the Redirector when (re)installing the AP. But what do you do when the AP is already mounted on the wall and you can't find the serial somewhere else ? It's possible to find out the serial number using SSH and the following command.

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AP1#show hw-info

Aerohive – Reconnecting AP’s After HiveManager Update

Posted by Dark#Basics

Aerohive - Reconnecting AP's After HiveManager Update

After updating the HiveManager Online OS some of our APs where not connecting to the HiveManager Online. This is because these APs where not connected during the upgrade procces and thus they didn't recieve the new settings regarding CAPWAP. This can be easily fixed by setting up an SSH connection to the APs in question and running the following commands:

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APX#no hive manager
APX#hive manager "hm-useastXX-XX.earohive.com" primary
APX#no capwap client enable
APX#capwap client enable

Note: This is the hostname of the current HiveManager Online WebPortal.

Reboot the AP if necessary using the reboot command from within the CLI. After that check the current status using:

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APX#show capwap client