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EXCHANGE – Recovering a Disconnected MailBox

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EXCHANGE - Recovering a Disconnected MailBox
After disabling a mailbox it will still be present in the mailbox store and it is marked for removal. During maintenance, the MSExchangeIS process will check for mailboxes marked for removal and which are past their retention period. The retention period is a configurable setting and by default it is set to 30 days, meaning you can recover deleted mailboxes within 30 days.

Perhaps unnecessary to say, but don’t select Remove to remove a mailbox. The Remove option will not only disconnect the mailbox but will also delete the associated user object. You will not be the first to accidentally remove the user object when you only intended to remove the mailbox selecting the Remove option. After all, you are in a Mailbox view so Remove implies removing a mailbox. The action Disable is also improper naming since it doesn’t disable the mailbox but marks the mailbox for deletion. After the retention period it will be deleted permanently. That’s not what “Disable” implies. After all, disabled user accounts are not deleted from the Active Directory after their tombstone expires.

To disable a mailbox from the Exchange Management Shell use the Disable-Mailbox:

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Disable-Mailbox <UserID>

Note that disconnected mailboxes may not show up immediately because of delays caused by replication or if the status of the mailbox hasn’t been updated in the store yet.

When a mailbox is disconnected you will be able to connect the mailbox again using the Exchange Management Console or by using the Exchange Management Shell.

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Connect-Mailbox –Identity <MailboxID> -Database <DatabaseID> -User < UserID>